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eMSP - Insurance of short-term export receivables

eMSP - Insurance of short-term export receivables


Thanks to the new EU exemption valid until 30.6.2021, EXIMBANKA SR can also insure receivables for traditionally marketable territories such as the EU countries, Canada, the United Kingdom or the USA, through our product "Short-term export supplier credit insurance against commercial and political risks (Product A, B)".

Online Insurance of receivables for small and medium-sized enterprises is a product focused on the support of small and medium-sized enterprises with their export. It is very simple. You simply need to fill in the application on a framework insurance policy or on an insurance policy which you will find below. Thus, from the comfort of your office or home you may 24 hours a day, 7 days a week resolve your export activity.

The insurance covers the exporter’s risks of non-payment for exports and domestic receivables with private buyers.

With insurance of export short-term receivables against commercial and political risks the exporter has commercial risks insured (insolvency, payment unwillingness) and at the same time it is possible with export receivables to agree to insurance of commercial risks and supplementary insurance against political risks (so-called territorial risks). With insurance of short-term domestic receivables commercial risks (insolvency, payment unwillingness) are exclusively covered for the exporter by the insurance.

Advantages for the exporter

  • We pay insurance claims even with lower levels of damage, namely from EUR 500.
  • We pay a client for the actual damage incurred, reduced only by the client’s deductible. We do not specify a maximum insurance claim.
  • With calculation of the insured sum we start from the insured amount. We do not specify a minimum annual insurance.
  • Simplified conditions of loan insurance.

How it works

  Working of the insurance
1. The product eMSP features a simplified process when a client fills out an application for a framework insurance contract or insurance policy on the Internet at any time from the comfort of the home or office.
2. A generated new insurance policy will be sent to the client’s e-mail address, which the client then sends by postal mail to the address of EXIMBANKA SR, where the application will be further processed.
3. Further communication of a client with EXIMBANKA SR runs only electronically without the necessity of printed paper or sending paper documents. The client has the opportunity of applying online not only regarding new insurance limits, changes to them or fulfilment of a monthly declaration on export carried out, but likewise apply for a possible insurance claim on behalf of the financing institution.
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