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Insurance products

Insurance products

EXIMBANKA SR can also insure risks which no commercial insurance company will cover.

Through the insurance products of EXIMBANKA SR it is possible to eliminate risks (commercial, political, or combined) of non-payment from the side of the foreign debtor, where the most common causes for non-payment of a receivable is insolvency of the foreign buyer. With insurance of short-term domestic receivables, the commercial risks of the exporter are covered by the insurance.

Overview of insurance products of EXIMBANKA SR
ABT -  Insurance of a short-term supplier’s credit against risk of non-payment (more info)
eMSP - Insurance of short-term export receivables  (more info)
AB - Insurance of short-term export supplier’s credits against commercial and political risks (more info)
C - Insurance of export supplier’s credits  (more info)
D - Insurance of export buyer’s credits against commercial and political risks  (more info)
E - Insurance of manufacturing risk (more info)
F - Loan insurance for financing production intended for export (more info)
I - Insurance of investments of Slovak legal entities abroad (more info)
Ik - Insurance of loans related to investment of a Slovak legal entity abroad (more info)
L - Insurance of a letter of credit (more info)
Z - Insurance of guarantees (more info)
Concessional Loans -  Trade related tied aid (more info)

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