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Refinancing credits for the support of export

Refinancing credits for the support of export

Refinancing needs of an exporter carried out through commercial banks in the form of a three-party contractual credit relationship. The relates only to short-term export credits, credits for investment abroad, export buyer’s credits and credits for the purchase and modernization of technology and associated infrastructure.

Advantages for the exporter

  • Refinancing of a loan which was provided or is provided by a commercial bank means optimization of interest costs and stabilization of the loan relation with a commercial bank thanks to removal of costs for liquidity, which is a component of the interest margin of commercial banks (relates to refinancing loans over 2 years).
  • The opportunity for refinancing of export buyer’s credits provided by commercial banks abroad create space for modifying the price of a contract on behalf of a Slovak exporter.

How it works

Refinancing credits for the support of export 

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1. Credit approval for the exporter
Approval of the limit for the financing of the exporter by a commercial bank.
2. Conclusion of contract of refinancing credit
The establishment of credit relation between the exporter, commercial bank and EXIMBANKA SR in form of trilateral or subsequent bilateral contract (exporter – commercial bank – EXIMBANKA SR) or (exporter – commercial bank) and subsequently commercial bank – EXIMBANKA SR).
3. Drawing of refinancing credit against proved purpose
Depending on the purpose, EXIMBANKA SR distincts between refinancing credits for financing of export operation (export receivables and stock) up to two years, refinancing credits for refinancing of investment abroad over three years, refinancing credits for export buyer’s over 2 and up to 7 years, as well as refinancing credits for purchase and modernisation of technology and related infrastructure. Each type of refinancing credit is intended to justify the purpose of its provision

Frequently asked questions

For what time period is this loan provided?
• When refinancing an export operation for up to 2 years.
• When refinancing an investment credit abroad from 3 to 8.5 years.
• When refinancing an export buyer’s credit up to 8.5 years.
• When refinancing a credit for the purchase and upgrade of technology and associated infrastructure up to 7 years.

What are the basic conditions for providing the credit?
• Acceptable rating of a commercial bank and a sufficient credit limit.
• Existence of an export contract, contract on investment or a contract on the purchase and upgrade of technology.

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