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Payment bank guarantees

Payment bank guarantees

Payment bank guarantees issued by EXIMBANKA SR is the best protection of the exporters’ business partners against their possible insolvency. EXIMBANKA SR by issuing the payment bank guarantee covers the liability of its client to make payment to the beneficiary, and this liability has a link to the payment condition of an export contract or the conditions of the provider of the bank credit related to payment of its principle and interest.

Client The requester on issuing of a bank guarantee (a business with a registered seat and place of doing business in Slovakia, which manufactures or exports goods intended for export or provides a service intended for export, or invests abroad)
Beneficiary Beneficiary the beneficiary of the payment bank guarantee is a foreign or domestic entity or bank issuing the payment guarantee (in the case of issuing a counter-guarantee). In the case of issuing a payment-guarantee for a loan (for export financing or for technology) the beneficiary of the guarantee is the financing bank, leasing company or direct supplier of the technology


Other payment bank guarantees
Bank guarantees on payment terms A guarantee for payment for supply of goods for export for fulfilment of an export contract. 
Bank guarantees on export loans

Loan repayment guarantee A guarantee for a loan intended for financing export or financing technology provided by a bank, a leasing company or the supplier of the technology.


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