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Credit for investment financing abroad

Credit for investment financing abroad

A loan for financing the long-term financial needs of an exporter for carrying out a foreign investment (establishment of a subsidiary, a joint enterprise or purchase of a share in an existing foreign company) or its expansion in a country of export through increasing investment or short-term assets.

Advantages for the exporter

  • Entrance on foreign markets by establishment of a subsidiary or a joint-enterprise with a local partner knowing the market or acquisition of an existing enterprise in the given territory.
  • Expansion of qualitative or quantitative level of production on the given territory.
  • Nearness to the market, flexibility of the production program and the adaptability of the product portfolio.

How it works

Credit for financing an investment abroad 

  Diagram explanation note
1. Investment
The Exporter concludes a contract under which he will complete the investments abroad.
2. Provision of credit for investment financing
EXIMBANKA SR provides the exporter with credit  for realisation of the investment .
3. Credit repayment
The credit is repaid primarily from the profits of the exporter from his foreign investment.

Frequently asked questions

For what time period is this loan provided?
Maturity of the loan is a maximum of 8.5 years from the first day of drawing on the loan.

What are the basic conditions for providing the credit?
• Minimum period of owning a foreign company by the exporter is 3 years.
• the exporter must pay 10% of the value of the investment from its own resources.
• Regular, balanced instalments, at least two times annually.

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