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Credit for export support up to two years

Credit for export support up to two years

EXIMBANKA SR provides purposefully linked financial resources for financing material and other costs associated with carrying out an export contract.

Advantages for the exporter

  • The amount of the credit and conditions of providing the credit are determined based on the export contract.
  • Financing of materials and other costs associated with the carrying out of an export contract, including the payment of invoices which were issued no more than 6 months before the day of drawing the credit.

How it works

Credit for the support of export for up to two years

  Diagram explanation note
1. Export contract
The Exporter concludes a contract and requests  EXIMBANKA SR for refinancing.
2. Provision of credit for export support
EXIMBANKA SR provides the exporter with export receivables loan for financing material and other costs related to execution the export contract including repayment of invoices issued not earlier than 6 months from date of drawing credit.
3. Credit repayment
Repayment of credit by the exporter following payment from the export contract credited to exporters account by Foreign Buyer.

Frequently asked questions

For what time period is this loan provided?
The maturity of the loan is up to 2 years from the day of first drawing on it.

What are the basic conditions for providing the credit?
• Existence of an export contract or confirmed orders.
• Drawing of the credit on the basis of supplier invoices or accepted calculation of overhead costs of the exporter.
• Credit up to an amount 100% of the documented and accepted costs.

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