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Banking products

Banking products

Loan from the EIB credit line

EXIMBANKA SR concluded a Finance Contract with the European Investment Bank (EIB) for the financing of projects promoted by small and medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”) and MidCap companies (“MidCaps”). Loans from the EIB credit line are allocated for SMEs defined as enterprises with less than 250 employees and MidCaps, defined as enterprises with minimum 250 and less than 3 000 employees. Loans are intended for financing of investment projects and operational capital.

Loans from the EIB credit line are granted under more favourable conditions and benefit from the lower interest rate reduced by at least 0.25 % p.a. in comparison with regular interest rates offered by EXIMBANKA SR. The interest rate will be variable and based on the EURIBOR reference interest rate.

Conditions of the EIB loan:

  • EIB loan is designed for companies having business in Slovakia or in other member states of the European Union,
  • if the amount of the project costs is up to 25 mil. EUR, the amount of EIB loan provided to SME and MID-CAPS can be up to 100 % of the project costs (after deduction of co-financing by the client), but may not exceed EUR 12,5 mil. EUR,
  • if the amount of the project costs is in the range from 25 mil. EUR up to 50 mil. EUR, EIB loan can be provided only to MID-CAPS and the maximum amount of the loan can not exceed 50 % of the project costs,
  • the maximum project implementation period accepted is 3 years,
  • minimum maturity of the loan is 180 days and maximum maturity is 7 years.

Projects financed from the EIB credit line must also meet all the financing conditions set out by EXIMBANKA SR.

More detailed information of the EIB loan can be viewed at the following link.

Banking products

The products are intended for business clients through which EXIMBANKA SR actively supports the export of products and services of Slovak exporters to foreign markets. The primary crucial criteria with the provision of credits are the creditworthiness of the applicant for a loan and an assessment of the projects for which the financing is requested. A decision on approval or rejection comes from the results of financial analysis and an assessment of the quality of the collateral.

Our products are intended for large enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

General conditions for the provision of the products:

  • the exporter does business in the given field for at least 1 year,
  • the exporter does not have liabilities towards the state past the due date,
  • the exporter does not show declining trends or a worsening of its situation,
  • the exporter submits an application on the required product as well as other documents for the application.

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