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EXIMBANKA SR will participate at Prague Club 2014 Spring Meeting


Representatives of the EXIMBANKA SR will attend the Prague Club 2014 Spring Meeting, which will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia 16-18 June 2014. Discussions will focus on current trends in the area of officially supported export credits and all members will share their experiences, trends and developments. Concerning country risk issues, the participants will discuss territories as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The activities of the Prague Club (PC) started from the initiative of the Berne Union in the beginning of the nineties. They served as a platform for meetings of new, commencing export credit agencies, mostly from Middle and Eastern Europe. The main objective of PC is to support new and developing export credit agencies in introducing insurance schemes for export loans and investment.

Nowadays, the PC has around 30 members from Europe, Asia, and also Africa. All members of PC are public agencies, some are of multilateral character. All members of PC are public agencies, some of multilateral character.

EXIMBANKA SR (and its predecessor Export Credit Insurance Company a.s.) had taken part in the meetings of Prague Club of Berne Union since its establishment.