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International cooperation

From the beginning of its operation, EXIMBANKA SR has stressed the importance of international co-operation with the objective of maintaining the system and development of insurance products fully respecting global standards and offering comparable service to Slovak exporters in the field of export loans insurance. The international co-operation is realized at various levels, at bilateral as well as multilateral level, within the scope of commercial insurance as well as state-supported insurance.

Prague Club

The activities of the Prague Club (PC) started from the inititiative of the Berne Union in the beginning of the nineties. They served as a platform for meetings of new, commencing export credit agencies, mostly from Middle and Eastern Europe. The main objective of PC is to support new and developing export credit agencies in introducing insurance schemes for export loans and investment.

Nowadays, the PC has around 30 members from Europe, Asia, and also Africa. All members of PC are public agencies, some are of multilateral character. All members of PC are public agencies, some of multilateral character.

EXIMBANKA SR (and its predecessor Export Credit Insurance Company a.s.) had taken part in the meetings with the General Secretary of the Berne Union since the very beginning.

Berne Union

EXIMBANKA SR was accepted with the status of an observer to the Berne Union, associating institutions insuring export credit and investments ( BU ), at the annual meeting 2004 in Taipei, based on achieving the set results in the field of short-term, medium-term and long-term insurance and later on 1 November 2006 was elected as a full member of the Berne Union. BU was established in 1934 and today it associates 79 insurers of export credits and investments from various countries around the world. BU is the leading organization in the field of credit insurance. 

In 2012, members of the Berne Union collectively insured USD 1.8 trillion of exports and foreign direct investment – more than 10 percent of international trade.

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, Berne Union members have indemnified approximately USD 22 billion to exporters and investors, protecting them from losses suffered due to buyer defaults in all regions of the world.

The main objective of the BU is to implement and maintain sound principles in the field of insurance claims investigation, as well as to support further growth of this segment of insurance on a sustainable basis in accordance with the statute in the following areas:

  • short-term insurance
  • medium-term and long-term insurance
  • investment insurance

The Berne Union actively cooperates with international organizations, above all with OECD, on changes in the Arrangement ( or Consensus - Arrangement on Guidelines for Officially Supported Export Credits) that governs the provisions of officially supported export credits with a credit period of two years and more.

Among other international partners is the International Monetary Fund, as well as other organizations active in credit insurance, e.g. ICISA - a World Bank Group.

The Berne union organizes Annual General Meetings for its members twice a year, where the members exchange their experience in the area of underwriting insurance claims, attitudes towards individual countries, and insured loss. Besides that, usually in March, the individual committees hold their Annual Committee Meetings. BU members can participate in workshops and seminars on specific topics e.g. project finance, claims and recoveries, attitudes towards small and medium enterprises.

The Secretariat of Berne Union is based in London. The members of BU are not the countries but individual organizations.