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Sustainable Lending

Lower income countries have often struggled with large external debts that can overwhelm their ability to reduce poverty or provide essential government functions. Although many of these countries are not traditionally important markets for official export credits, members of the Working Party on Export Credits and Credit Guarantees (ECG) nonetheless recognize that the provision of export credits to the public sector could play a role in the run-up of unsustainable external debt levels by these countries, and that due consideration of this risk should be taken before providing such support in order to ensure not building up of excessive debt in the future. Therefore, when providing support to these countries, ECG Members adhere to the Recommendation of the Council on sustainable lending practices and officially supported export credits.

Principles and Guidelines to Promote Sustainable Lending Practices in the Provision of Official Export Credits to Lower Income Countries

Country Classification – Eligibility for Tied Aid

OECD Country Risk Classifications

Joint World Bank-IMF Debt Sustainability Framework for Low Income Countries 

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