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Cooperation with Partner Institutions Abroad

Cooperation with Partner Institutions Abroad

Cooperation Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding

EXIMBANKA SR has been developing long-term cooperation with partner Export Credit Agencies and institutions having a similar scope of operation all over the world. EXIMBANKA SR meets many of them within the framework of activities of the OECD, EU or Berne Union. EXIMBANKA SR has signed more than 80 cooperation agreements with institutions from 30 countries, e.g. from the UK, Russian Federation, Poland, Israel, Egypt, Korea, USA, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Bulgaria, India and many others. EXIMBANKA SR develops international cooperation based mainly on Cooperation Agreements or a Memorandums of Understanding.

Reinsurance Agreements

Reinsurance Agreement in respect of the Medium Term and Long Term projects represent a higher form of cooperation which facilitates the joint penetration of exporters from various countries to third markets. Up to present, EXIMBANKA SR has signed 11 Reinsurance Agreements with its partners from Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Poland, France, Denmark and Slovenia.

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