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We can help you with export there, where others cannot go

Small and Medium Enterprises

Dear small and medium-sized enterprise owners,

if you carry out your business in Slovakia, export your production,
allow us introduce you to our products designed especially for you:

EXIMBANKA SR supports Slovak exporters having their registered offices in or being resident in the Slovak Republic, and producing and/or exporting products and services of predominantly Slovak origin under contractually agreed conditions.

We offer a wide portfolio of products in two main areas; in financing and in insurance of export loans.

Banking products

The banking products offer an easier access to financing possibilities by the means of loans acquired from commercial banks.

Insurance products

The insurance products of EXIMBANKA SR allow the elimination of risks (commercial, political or combined risks) of non-performance of foreign debtors, where the most common reasons of non-payment of debts is unwillingness to pay or insolvency of the foreign buyers.

New to our insurance products portfolio is the insurance of an exporter's short-term export related credits originated in Slovak Republic against commercial risk.