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Governing Bodies of EXIMBANKA SR

Governing Bodies of EXIMBANKA SR

The governing bodies of EXIMBANKA SR are the Bank Board, the Supervisory Board and the CEO.

The Bank Board is the statutory body of EXIMBANKA SR. The Supervisory Board is the highest controlling body of EXIMBANKA SR; it oversees the performance of its activities. Position of the CEO is currently held by Ms. Ing. Zuzana Kalivodová.

Bank Board
Chair: Ing. Zuzana Kalivodová
Members: Ing. Pavol Tavač, MBA
Michaela McGuire, MBA, MIA


Supervisory Board
Chair: Ing. Ivan Šramko
Members: Veronika Gmiterko, MBA
JUDr. Gabriel Havrilla
Ing. Július Jakab
Ing. Tomáš Meravý
Ing. Lenka Britvíková
Vladimír Vaňo, MBA

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