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With effect from April 27th 2020, EXIMBANKA SR is starting to accept applications for the provision of an operating loan to support bridging of the negative economic impacts caused by the occurrence of COVID-19 pandemic. The loan is provided on preferential terms and is intended for companies in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are performing export activities as part of their operations.

The financial resources obtained from the COVID loan can be used by the exporter to finance operating costs, to finance investments into tangible or intangible assets related to the maintenance of business operations and employment, and also to pay liabilities to the Social Insurance Agency and health insurance companies.

The financial assistance is provided in the form of a guarantee for COVID loan provided by EXIMBANKA SR and in the form of interests payment of the loan, so-called interest rate subsidy. The exporters can be reimbursed the full interest rate, meaning they can obtain an interest-free loan. However, the interest subsidy is conditional on maintaining the average employment at the level of the average number of employees in the 12 months preceding the month in which the loan application was submitted, as well as the condition that 1 year after the drawdown date of this loan the client will not have liabilities overdue for more than 1 month on social and health contributions. The loan guarantee is provided by the Ministry of Finance up to 80% of the loan principal balance.

You can apply for a loan by email at More information about the terms and conditions of COVID loan can be found in the section Loan to support the maintenance of operations - "COVID loan".

EXIMBANKA SR provides COVID loan on the basis of Act no. 67/2020 Coll. on certain exceptional financial measures in connection with the spread of the dangerous contagious human disease COVID-19 and under the terms of the DE MINIMIS AID SCHEME to support the maintenance of operations and employment of SMEs.

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