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New possibilities of cooperation with Chinese partners arising

Delegation of the Export – Import Bank of the Slovak Republic (EXIMBANKA SR) discussed possibilities of cooperation on strategic projects with partners from the China Development Bank (CDB), during November working visit in the People's Republic of China.

Main objective of the meeting of the EXIMBANKA SR representatives with the CDB on 8 November 2018 was identification of the concrete projects eligible for joint cooperation of the CDB and EXIMBANKA SR, mainly within the new Road and Belt initiative and related train interconnection between China and EU.

Slovak Delegation consisted of State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Ms. Dana Meager and representatives of the EXIMBANKA SR, CEO Ms. Monika Kohútová and Director of the International Relations Department, Ms. Silvia Gavorníková. CDB was represented by Mr. Zhao Huan, President of the CDB, Mr.Zhang Xuguang, Executive Vice-President of CDB and Mr. YU Xinjie, Vice General Manager of CDB Hunan Branch.

CDB is the largest institution focused on support of the international trade participation and investments of the Chinese companies abroad. Since 2017, CDB is partner of the EXIMBANKA SR within the platform of the China - CEEC Interbank Association, bringing together financial institutions from 16 Central and Eastern European region countries and CDB in order to foster development oriented cooperation mainly on large strategic infrastructural projects in the region.

Since all necessary formal requirements of cooperation have been met, stakeholders during the meeting discussed mainly the possibilities of joint cooperation with Chinese partners and participation of the Slovak exporters on the concrete projects contributing to the objectives of the Road and Belt initiative.

Series of negotiations in Peking were consequently followed by visit of the representatives of CDB Hunan Branch in premises of EXIMBANKA SR on 19 November 2018, with participation of the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Ms. Dana Meager, being representative of the Government of the Slovak Republic for the Road and Belt Initiative. Slovak partners presented concrete, potentially eligible project, in order to discuss conditions under which it may be supported by means of the Interbank Association. The project has potential to become strategic pilot project supported by the Interbank Association and contribute to increasing of efficiency of the trade and logistics between China and respective European partners.

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