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EXIMBANKA SR hosted Presidency Informal meeting of the Working Group of the EU Council on Export Credits

On 6 and 7 October 2016, EXIMBANKA SR hosted an Informal Presidency meeting of the Working Group of the EU Council on Export Credits, which it currently presides within SK PRES. Informal meeting provides the opportunity to discuss topics that are not only important but also sensitive for the Group.

During the working day, the delegates from 22 attending EU Member States exchanged information about the activities within the 16 + 1 platform associating China and 16 states of Central and Eastern Europe presented by Drahomír Štos from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the SR. John Baron, former Counsellor of the UK and the EU for the National Bank of Slovakia and Slovak business sector presented his opinion on BREXIT, causes of “no to the EU” by Britain and consequences of the choice for the business relations between the EU and Great Britain.


A sensitive issue for business relations of the EU Member States are the trade sanctions. Vladimír Vaňo, the Chief Economist of Sberbank Europe AG, spoke about the consequences of the EU sanctions on the Russian economy and analysed their impact on mutual trade and investments. On the other hand, the EU sanctions against Iran were released already by the beginning of this year, however, the initial enthusiasm has not yet been reflected in expected trade growth. Eva Zezulová from Sberbank Slovensko explained specific features of trading with Iran and described obstacles preventing better development of business relations of European Countries with Iran.

The current issue for the European export and credit agencies is the operation of the International Working Group on Export Credits (IWG) making efforts to involve China, India and Brazil that are major world exporters in negotiations about new rules. David Drysdale, Head of Export Credits Division in the OECD spoke about the relation between existing rules for the state support of export (OECD Arrangement) and new rules being created.
Informal part of the meeting provided possibility for EXIMBANKA SR to present to foreign delegates Slovak exporter Slovnaft cooperating with EXIMBANKA SR for long time. The visit to the refinery and presentation of the production part of the company was a new experience for everybody and they all welcomed it enthusiastically. The meeting in Bratislava was also a good opportunity to present the capital city and surrounding area.

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