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EXIMBANKA SR handed over the presidency in the Working Group of the EU Council for Export Credits to Malta

Historically the first Presidency of the Slovak Republic in the EU Council ends on 31 December 2016. During the last meeting of the Working Group of the EU Council on Export Credits which was held on 1 December 2016, the Slovak Chairman of the Group symbolically handed over the hammer to the hands of the colleagues from Malta. During less than six months, SK PRES chaired five meetings of the Working Group, three coordination meetings of the EU Member States during negotiations in the Working Groups in the OECD and represented the Member States at the meeting of the Steering Committee of the International Working Group on Export Credits. In addition to official meetings of the Working Group of the EU Council on Export Credits, EXIMBANKA SR also arranged informal meeting of the Working Group in Bratislava.

Within the negotiations of the WG of the EU Council, SK PRES continued working on topics that are a standard part of its working agenda. During the SK PRES, the agreement was successfully achieved with the OECD about new rules for determining the Minimum Premium Rates in high-income EU countries and the OECD. The new rules are especially important for the EU Member States, because majority of deals supported to the high-income countries takes place within the EU. During the SK PRES, also several new topics relating to export credits and other working groups either in the EU or in the OECD were opened. One of them was the on-going modernization of the OECD rules for Official Development Assistance, in which certain tools proposed could significantly influence the export credits. In addition to these priority topics, the SK PRES focused on the requirement of the Special Commission for Agriculture to create a common European scheme for the agricultural commodities export support and possible inclusion of the export credits to the newly created European Fund for Sustainable Development.

The Member States and the Commission representatives appreciated the work of the SK PRES in the Working Group of the EU Council on Export Credits and thanked for professional approach and personal involvement of the EXIMBANKA SR team covering the SK PRES issues in Council Working Group ECG.

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