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Country Risk Specialist Meeting

EXIMBANKA SR will be a proud host of the Country Risk Specialist Meeting (CRSM) of the BERNE UNION held in Bratislava on 24 - 25 June 2019.

CRSM is a specialized expert´s event to discuss and exchange information on current global developments and analytical approaches in the context of credit and insurance risks of countries, under the auspices of the Berne Union. EXIMBANKA SR is the only representative of the Slovak Republic within the structure of the Berne Union. Therefore, it is an honour for EXIMBANKA SR to be the organizer of such a prestigious event with the participation of more than 80 international experts, which will be held in Slovakia historically for the first time.

The Berne Union, the largest union of Credit and Investment Insurers is a leading credit insurance organization, bringing together the world's leading credit and investment insurers. Berne Union has 84 members from 73 countries. In 2018, they insured credits and investments in the amount of USD 2.5 trillion. Its members are not countries or governments but individual organizations, whether private or public. EXIMBANKA SR received observer status in the Berne Union in October 2004 and became a full member of the Berne Union on 1 November 2006.

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